Budget Expenditures


Also in the expenditures we see a large increase, as a result of the Sixth State Reform, in the initial budget 2020 (IB 2020) compared to the realisations 2014. The largest increases are situated in Welfare, Public Health and Family and in Employment and Social Economy.

The Sixth State Reform not only significantly increased the expenditures of the Flemish Community in absolute terms, but also changed the proportion of the different policy areas in the expenditure budget. Before the state reform almost 40% of the expenditures went to Education and Training. After the sixth state reform the proportion of Education and Training decreased to 31%, although increasing in amount. At the same time we see an increase from 15% to 26% for Welfare, Public Health and Family Affairs and from 5% to 8% for Employment and Social Economy.

breakdown for expenditures IB 2020
breakdownb ib2020.jpg
Comparison of the expenditures 2014 actual and IB 2020 (in euro)
comparison ib2020.jpg