10. What kind of information will the reporting include? How often and where will it be published?

Flanders will publish an annual report on its website that will detail the allocation and impact of Sustainability Bond net proceeds.

The allocation reporting will be produced on a portfolio basis. It will provide:

  • the total amount of expenditures per eligible categories,
  • the share of allocated amount vs. total amount (in %),
  • the amount of unallocated proceeds,
  • depending on confidentiality constraints, examples of projects subsidized by Flanders.

The impact reporting will provide information on the environmental and social impacts of its eligible expenditures. When applicable and to the extent of possible, Flanders will report on social indicators such as the number of households or students supported and on environmental indicators such as energy capacity generated or estimated CO2 emissions avoided. The list of indicators is available in the framework.  We have social and environmental indicators for each eligible category.

This information will be publicly available on Flanders’ website: http://financeflanders.be/sustainability