6. Could you give an overview of Flanders’ sustainability strategy?

Flanders has actively integrated sustainability into all its development plans. Article 7bis of the Belgian Constitution establishes that every federal entity pursues the objectives of a sustainable development, in its social, economic and environmental dimensions, taking into account solidarity between generations. Vision 2050 is the long term strategic outlook of Flanders. In order to facilitate Vision 2050, the Government of Flanders selected seven transition priorities.

The priorities are:

  • Circular economy:
  • Smart living:
  • Industry 4.0
  • Lifelong learning and a dynamic professional career
  • Caring and living together in 2050
  • Transport and mobility
  • Energy

In March 2018 Flanders presented its mid-term sustainable Development Goals roadmap ‘Vizier2030 – Flemish 2030 target framework. The framework consists of 49 objectives starting from the 17 SDGs, with 2030 as the horizon and the focus on Flanders.