The Finance & Budget Dept (Departement Financiën en Begroting) (DFB) makes its website as widely accessible as possible and regularly checks its website against the latest guidelines.


Increasing font size

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Specific points

  • The pages are meaningfully structured and the site can be navigated without a mouse.
  • As far as possible, hyperlinks contain a clear, complete description of the underlying content.
  • The imagesyou see on the site are for the sole purpose of illustrating the written content.
  • Forms are user-friendly and accessible.



PDF: Due to the quantity and age of these documents, an accessible (text) alternative is not always available. If you are having trouble reading an inaccessible electronic document, please contact us using the site’s contact form. If you specify the publication title, we will make every effort to provide you with an accessible version of the publication.