Affordable Housing


In Flanders, the two main actors of the social housing sector are the Flemish Social Housing Association (VMSW) and the Flemish Housing Fund (VWF). The role of those two agencies is defined in the Flemish Housing code, via the decree of July 15th 1997.

VMSW gives social mortgage loans for certain acquisitions and renovations to targeted populations. They also provide subsidised funding and market loans with compensation to local housing actors, such as social housing companies, municipalities, etc. Finally, VMSW operates as a financial coordination centre for local social housing companies, which build/renovate dwellings for sale or for rent for targeted populations.

VWF also provides special mortgage loans to households to buy, renovate or preserve their property. Furthermore, VWF buys buildings that are vacant for a long time to renovate or replace. Afterwards they rent the houses to targeted populations.

New constructions or renovation works that require a town planning permit must comply with the most recent applicable EPB requirements.