Allocation and Impact

Flanders has identified 1.037,3 million euro of eligible ESA expenditures in 2018, so we expect the issuance to be allocated in full immediately.

We will finance ESA expenditures of 2018 in 3 categories:

  • Affordable Housing,
  • Access to Education
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Future transactions can also include ESA expenditures in the pollution prevention and control. This depends on Flanders’ budgetary situation as explained in the allocation methodology.

In EUR m 2018
Affordable Housing 920
Access to Education 62.5
Energy Efficiency in Buildings 54.8
Pollution precention and control (incl. Circular economy) 0
Total 1037.30

Flanders intends to publish an allocation and impact reporting that will, among other things, provide information on the environmental and social impacts  of its Eligible Expenditures. As soon as it is available, it will be published.