The document ‘BO2021_AT_EN_full_RP’ describes the second budget review of 2020 and the initial budget of 2021. Besides a detailed explanation it also gives budgetary figures of the Flemish Community and the consolidated entities.

As in 2017 and 2018, the budget will be structurally balanced in 2019 with even a surplus of 237.5 million euro. 2020, on the other hand, was a more difficult year for the budget due to the COVID pandemic which led to a decline in the revenues and extra measures that were taken on the expenditures side. In the 2nd budget review 2020 there was a budget deficit foreseen of 6.86 billion euro while in realization the provisional result is a deficit of 6.15 billion euro.

Also for 2021 a deficit is foreseen. In the initial budget 2021 there’s a deficit of 2.3 billion euro. Further there were some amendments for a total amount of 991 million euro. The main part of this amount is a result of the prolongation of the lock down measures to cope with the COVID pandemic. As a result the deficit will further increase to 3.3 billion euro.

The document ‘General summary BR 2020’ describes the budget review of 2020.