The Flemish debt


Here we give a highlight on the direct debt and consolidated debt. In the ‘Cash & Debt Report 2020' you will find the full version on the debt situation of the Flemish Community at the end of 2020.

The revenues that the Flemish Community gains from taxes are inadequate to finance all the expenditures. Therefore the Flemish Community has to take on debt. The concept of “the Flemish debt” can be understood in several ways. A strict interpretation takes only the direct debt into account. Broader interpretations also take into account the other types of debt. There are 5 different types of debt within the Flemish Community:

  • The direct debt
  • The indirect debt
  • The consolidated debt
  • The guaranteed debt
  • The PPP debt

The figure below is a graphical representation of the different kinds of debt.

For more information about the debt situation of the Flemish Community please consult the Cash & Debt Report. 

pdf bestandDebt & Cash Report 2020.pdf (1.43 MB)

graphical representation of the debt
Graphical Representation of the Debt.