Pollution Prevention and Control

79,460,800 euros of the proceeds of the sustainability bond issued in October 2022 were allocated to the Pollution Prevention and Control category. That equals 6.36% of the total nominal amount of the sustainability bond.


Which projects are eligible?

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Every year, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship supports circular economic projects. Those circular projects reduce the use of primary resources (such as fossil raw materials, water and space) to meet our needs (such as food, housing, transport, comfort, communication and health).

"Circulair Werk(t): Oproep 520" [Circular Work(s): Call 520]

In order to stimulate social and circular entrepreneurship on a local level, a call was launched by various parties (including Circular Flanders) to unite in circular hubs. Those hubs focus on networks where stakeholders meet and assess collaboration. The collaborations should result in:

  • new circular services or assignments for recognised social economic companies
  • new circular entrepreneurship with social impact
Want to know more about the allocation and impact of the allocated proceeds? Read every detail in our latest sustainability report.