Second Party Opinion (SPO)

    Flanders appointed Sustainalytics to provide a Second Party Opinion (SPO).

    Sustainalytics declares Flanders’ Sustainability Bond Framework credible and impactful. The framework aligns with the Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2018.

    The most important findings of Sustainalytics are:

    Aligned with principles and guidelines

    The use of proceeds categories are aligned with those recognised as impactful by the Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles and Sustainability Bond Guidelines.

    Environment, housing and education

    The financed activities contribute to reduced GHG emissions and waste in Flanders, affordable housing and increased access to education.

    Target populations and indicators reporting

    All social categories have well defined target populations. Flanders aims to report on social and environmental impact indicators for each category.

    Innovation and scalability of circularity

    The inclusion of innovation and scalability as criteria for project selection for the circular economy related projects.

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